So alright, yesterday was a great example how life can just flip any second. Lets just say enjoy the good times. I had my first look through at the Library where I will now be working and man its going to be a long couple of months. I have a lot to learn!!! I am getting to that point where I just don’t know how I will pull things off. I was so unprepared it was insane. Then I had a painting class later that day where I found out I lost all my skills in a course of 2 years since my last art class. Great, back to the drawing board, Literally :( My mom is constantly getting on me about never being home.. OH I’m sorry that I work all the time now and I go to school. I thought if I got a job and went to school I wouldn’t get yelled at for not doing anything, which I still do. The only way to prove I am not useless is to do every single thing that is asked of me, regardless if I can barely stand on my feet anymore. Don’t even get me started with guys. I had so many opportunities to become friends with a few and what do I do… I walk no NO I RUN in the other direction, avoiding eye contact at all times. I don’t deserve anyone if I can’t even face them. On top of that, my professor for my Proof and Logic class, which by the way is such a joke of a class, expects me to understand the reading… uh no I am not equipped to understand the hidden language of logic! FOR REAL, I spent 3 hours trying to understand what was written in 4 pages… it might as well be in LATIN. FML All I can say is that I am not staying home this weekend because I will most likely lose my fucking mind.


I just got my wisdom taken out and it was surprisingly really quick. I start work in 2 hours and decided to used that time watching Rear window directed by Alfred Hitchcock and also work on some pre- college signup stuff.. So far today is turning out to be interesting. The only reason I am looking forward to work is to see the guy I like who works in department next to mine :) Tomorrow is orientation, my sister and I are excited YAYAYAY !! 


So far this summer has been a whirlwind of change. In 2 months I got 3 job opportunities, each one better than the next. I went from not having a call back for months to all these job openings. I feel truly blessed! Even this week is a busy one to say the least; wisdom tooth getting pulled Thursday, school orientation Friday, and Comic Con Saturday! Life is great <3 <3 <3 <3